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Tenant Representation
Your lease renewal negotiations should begin at least twelve months prior to the lease renewal date. RPS will level the negotiating playing field between you and your landlord by serving as your advocate during the renewal process.


Don’t be a “Captive Audience”
Landlords love dealing with “captive” tenants with no access to competing property data. Their agent’s job is to achieve the highest rental rates and most landlord-favored lease terms from every tenant. The market data we provide will help you achieve the lowest possible renewal lease rate and the most tenant-friendly lease terms.

Site Selection
Whether you intend to lease or purchase, expand, or consolidate, RPS will offer you the most comprehensive list of suitable properties in your desired location, within your budget, and accessible to amenities such as labor pools, dining, childcare, and public transportation. We will help you find the right property in the perfect location at the best possible price!

Property Disposition
If selling your facility, RPS will help you achieve the highest price from the most qualified buyer in the least amount of time. We maintain an extensive database of clients seeking property for investment, expansion, or sale/leaseback. Every sale transaction we procure results in a “win-win” for both buyer and seller.

Forensic Lease Audits to Recapture OpEx
You may be overpaying your landlord for building Operating Expenses (OpEx). These over payments often include property taxes, CAM (Common Area Maintenance), utility charges, and janitorial services. A forensic lease audit can help recoup these overpaid fees. Compounded over your lease term, your savings can be substantial.

Lower Utility Costs with Green Energy
Sky-high utility bills are a problem. Green Energy is the solution. There’s more to Green Energy than solar panels and wind turbines. You can reduce, even eliminate your monthly utility costs with a renewable green energy plan while helping to reduce your carbon footprint in the process. The earth will thank you.

Avoid Power Outages with Micro-Grid Technology
Stand-alone micro-grids provide hospitals, financial firms, government offices and the like with an uninterrupted power source providing peace of mind in the event of a power outage or grid failure.

Contaminated Brownfields Redevelopment
With the lack of affordable, buildable land you can benefit by buying contaminated Brownfields. Brownfields are often purchased at deep discounts and redeveloped into profitable uses. RPS will guide you through the complex remediation process of your next Brownfield purchase to ensure the environmental services you contract are done properly and cost effectively.